An American Psycho Home Alone?

An American Psycho Home Alone?

Christmastime is here again. As we string up twinkling lights, hang our stockings, and fill the air with yuletide, cable networks begin to relentlessly televise our most cherished festive films. Along with It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, it has become the cultural norm that one will view the family-favorite Home Alone several times (at least) throughout the holiday season. But with each viewing of this classic tale, one of life’s eternal questions can’t be avoided: What ever became of our beloved Kevin McCallister? Surely, a childhood of frequent abandonment and solidarity has taken its toll, in some form, on this once innocent soul. But, to what extreme? A theory has recently surfaced that Kevin’s past eventually manifested into his psyche and, as a coping mechanism, formed an alter ego to disassociate from his experiences. However, disassociation can only go so far. The ghost of Christmas past that Kevin has tried desperately to escape has returned with a vengeance to his adult life, haunting him at every turn. Evidence has led experts to believe that Kevin McCallister is in fact, the American Psycho  himself, Patrick Bateman. Don’t believe me? Herein lies the proof:

They both narrate their morning rituals:

adult formula shampoo.gif

gel clenser.gif


lotion, aftershave.gif


i am not there.gif

Fuller and Paul Allen are actually the same person:


paul allen.gif

They both have issues with gingers:



Both have a knack for befriending lonely homeless people:


giphy-1 copy.gif

They love to dance:

kevin dancing.gif

Patrick Bateman Dancing.gif

They both are victims of bullying:

such a disease.gif

what a dork.gif

Neither shy away from firearms:

kevin gun.gif

patrick gun.gif

They both LOVE videotapes:

video tapes.gif

filthy souls.gif

They’re both screamers:

home alone scream.gif

scream AP.gif

They snarkily spread Christmas cheer:

holly jolly hd.gif


Most importantly, they’re both Home Alone:

giphy copy.gif

home alone.gifbateman alone.gif

kevin alone.gifgiphy-1.gif

Co-created by Barrett James


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